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 He organized the first lecture held by teleconference in Croatia delivered by prof. Hrvoje Babić in 1997. He organized the first lecture held by teleconference in Croatia delivered by prof. Hrvoje Babić in 1997.
-== Some related papers: == +==== Some related papers: ====
 +  * Miletić, Ivan; Pale, Predrag; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Bogunović, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko. The Structure of the Pyramidia E-learning Tool – the Programmer’ s Point of View, Proceedings of 2007 14th International Workshop on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP) & 6th EURASIP Conference Focused on Speech & Image Processing, Multimedia Communications and Services : EC-SIPMCS, Čučej, Žarko ; Planinšič,​ Peter ; Gleich, Dušan (ur.)., Maribor : Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2007. 191-194
 +  * Pale, Predrag; Miletić, Ivan; Kostanjčar,​ Zvonko; Pandžić, Hrvoje; Jeren, Branko. Pyramidia – An Integrative E-learning Tool , Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer as a Tool : EUROCON 2007., Varšava, 2007. 2459-2464 ​
 +  * Aleksić-Maslać,​ Karmela; Jeren, Branko; Kostanjčar,​ Zvonko; Vasić, Darko. Practical Examples Used Information and Communication Technologies in Study of Signals and Systems, Frontiers in Education 2002, Print Version of Proceedings IEEE: IEEE Catalog Number: 02CH37351 ISBN: 0-7803-7444-4 Library of Congress: 79-640910 ISSN: 0190-5848 CD Version of Proceedings IEEE Catalog number and ISBN IEEE Catalog number: 02CH37351C ISBN: 0-7803-7445-2.,​ Champaign, IL : Stipes Publishing LLC, 2002. S3E-1-S3E-6 ​
 +  * Aleksić-Maslać,​ Karmela; Jeren, Branko. Asynchronous Distance Learning Model (ADL), Proceedings on CD ROM: "​International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE 2001", ISBN 1-588-74-091-9.,​ EP Innovations,​ 2001. 7B2-13-7B2-16 ​
 +  * Aleksić-Maslać,​ Karmela; Jeren, Branko. New methods in the study of "​Signals and Systems",​ Interdisciplinary Conference on Electrical, Electronics & Computer Engineering Education in the Third Millennium (ICEECEE), ​ Dr. Jacob Baal-Schem (ur.)., New York : UEF - United Engineering Foundation, 2000.  ​
 +  * Aleksić-Maslać,​ Karmela; Jeren, Branko. Development of Distance Learning in Croatia, Proceedings on CD ROM "​International Conference on Engineering Education ICEE 2000", ISSN: 1562-3580., Taipei, Taiwan, 2000. 26
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