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DIYmeteo - Meteorological station made out of waste material

Tomislav Krvavica

Team members

1. Leonarda Gajdić

2. Tomislav Krvavica

3. Johannes Pelz

4. Tom Schwarting

5. Kristijan Vešligaj

Project task

The purpose of the system

Project aiming at students so they can create something useful and get practical experience. It is also educational (programming in C, wiring, etc.) and shows young enthusiasts that you don't need a lot of money to create something purposeful.

Project goals

  • Collect all the necessary material for production
  • Implementation of the meteorological station
  • Make easy to follow instructions for replicating the project appropriate for high school students

Elaboration of the context


  • People
    • Team members
  • Waste material
    • Institutional waste that is no longer used
    • Belongins of team members
  • Ready-made technologies
    • Microcontroller (Arduino)
    • Microchips (ESP-32)
    • Sensors - BMP-280, DHT-11


  • Resources
    • Inability to procure a certain component out of waste
    • Need for buying cheap components and sensors
    • Imprecision of sensors
    • Robustness of the board in the end of implementation
  • Time
    • Completing the project checkpoints within the deadlines
    • Finishing the project by May, 30th
  • Money
    • Components that are bought must be cheap and easy to get

Project plan

DateExpected result
14.3.Forming groups and choosing the project
21.3.Getting to know the problem
28.3.First interview with users
4.4.Research phase (existing solutions)
11.4.Second interview with users
18.4.Project assignment
2.5.Conceptual solution
16.5.Performance solution - design of the whole system
Making of system/device/components
30.5.Verification with users
Finishing the system
13.6.System presentation

Project results

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